15 Best CDL Driving Schools in NJ (New Jersey) | 2023 Review (2023)

New Jersey is home to several CDL driving schools that provide world-class truck driver training.

Completingtruck driver trainingin NJ takes 3-6 weeks if you’re schooling full-time. However, some schools also offer part-time training with options for evenings and weekends.

In addition, some institutions also provide job placement assistance to qualified students. Thus, you can avoid landing a job upon graduation.

Besides these, there are other perks available depending on your chosen school. So if you want a CDL education in New Jersey, this article is for you!

Keep reading to discover the 15 Best CDL driving schools in New Jersey in 2023.

What Are The Requirements To Obtain a Commercial Driver License in New Jersey?

Below are the qualifications you must meet toget your CDLin NJ State:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States or a non-US citizen with lawful permanent resident status.
  • Again, you must have a basicNJ driver’s license(Class D).
  • You should have a minimum of 20/40 vision in each eye with or without glasses.
  • Be physically healthy and fit.
  • You must be able to recognize amber, green, and red colors.

All CDL/CLP drivers must complete the CDLHolder Self-Certification documentand submit a validmedical examiner certificate, if applicable.

Note:Your background or medical check results can lead to being disqualified for a CDL driver’s license. And if that happens, there won’t be a refund of the CLP fee.

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List of The Best CDL Driving Schools in NJ | 2023

Here’s our roundup of the best CDL driving schools in New Jersey in 2023.

  • E-Z Wheels Driving School
  • Express Driving School
  • Jersey Tractor Trailer Training
  • Bradway Trucking, Inc
  • Mr. Driving School
  • Driving Academy
  • Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training
  • Winsor’s Tractor Trailer Driving School
  • Providence Driving School
  • Superior Driving School
  • Authority Driving School
  • 160 Driving Academy
  • Joseph’s Truck Driving School
  • Mike’s Driving School, Inc
  • North Ave. Driving School

What Are The Best CDL Driving Schools in New Jersey | 2023?

Let’s look at each New Jersey CDL driving school individually.

1. E-Z Wheels Driving School

They’re committed to providingtop-quality driving lessons, training, and services to all customers, irrespective of gender, religion, or race.

E-Z Wheels Driving School has seven locations across NJ, making it one of the best CDL driving schools in New Jersey in 2023.

Moreso, every office has a classroom and space for viewing instructional videos. Their fleet also comprises 2 Forklifts, one school bus, one bus class C, four large buses class B, 5 Straight trucks, 20 tractor-trailers, and seven automobiles.

And these vehicles meet the standards of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC).

We also like that their instructors are cheerful, patient, well-trained, and licensed by NJMVC. In addition, they’re all fluent English and Spanish speakers, and two others are fluent in Portuguese.

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2. Express Driving School

The next school that made it to our list of best CDL driving schools in NJ is Express Driving School. It prepares you to get the various Licenses from NJMVC.

They stand out from other schools because they provide personalized CDL training to their learners. This helps them become more productive in their career.

Because Express Driving School uses the most updated videos and textbooks, you’re guaranteed tobecome a safe driver. Furthermore, you will learn about the mechanical aspects of operating a motor vehicle.

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3. Jersey Tractor Trailer Training

This is one of the oldest CDL driving schools in New Jersey. It was also one of the first truck-driving schools when it opened in 1984.

Interestingly, their instructors’ experience spans over 320 years of experience. How amazing!

Furthermore, they’ve trained over 8,000 individuals in the trucking industry.

Because of their reputation, Law enforcement agencies and Fortune 500 companies often send their people to this driving school to get CDL Licenses.

Jersey Tractor Trailer Training also offers job placement to its students. So, you will worry less about getting a job upon completing your training.

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4. Bradway Trucking, Inc

The Bradway Trucking school features professional, knowledgeable, and experienced teachers.

These instructors teach you in a controlled and safe environment and provide a real-time trucking experience.

Moreover, their program is designed to help you get a class A or class B license.

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5. Mr. Driving School

They offer state-approved instructions for aspiring CDL drivers. With over 20 years of experience indriver education, rest assured to learn from the best hands.

Mr. Driving School’s unique learning approach makes it among the best schools in Middlesex and Somerset Counties.

Further, Mr. Driving School has been helping individuals to become safe drivers since 2006.

Registering at this driving academy will enable you to build fundamental driving skills and good driving habits.

You could also stop by for a tour at your convenience or visit the school’s website.

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6. Driving Academy

Driving Academy is among the few best CDL driving schools in NJ that will provide a guaranteed training program in 2023.

You should enroll in their program if you need guaranteed results for your CDL. Further, their courses entail over 100 hours of training to prepare you for earning a CDL and passing your road test.

At the same time, they offer you unlimited attempts for your road test. So, you will only pay once, and the school will continue taking you for your road tests until you pass at no additional cost.

This means they will not give up on you until you gain your CDL. Sounds interesting!

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7. Smith & Solomon Commercial Driver Training

This CDL training academy has been in thetruck driver trainingindustry for over three decades. They have a fleet of 140 pieces of equipment.

In addition, they advise the trucking industry concerning driver recruitment, retention, and compliance.

Smith & Solomon aims to provide the best driving courses throughout the United States. They’re also dedicated to educating every student about safety and responsibility challenges in operating a commercial motor vehicle.

Training programs & defensive driving courses at Smith & Solomon ensure you acquire driving skills that will serve you for a lifetime.

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8. Winsor’s Tractor Trailer Driving School

Their courses will guarantee that you’ll get your CDL license. And with a 4.3-star rating on Google, Winsor’s Tractor Trailer Driving School deserves to be on our list of the best 2023 CDL driving schools in New Jersey.

At Winsor’s driving school, youlearn how to drivea commercial truck, and their courses will develop you for a commercial trucking career.

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Also, you have access to the hiring process in their network companies upon completing your course. Well, it doesn’t end there!

You’ll also have a lifetime job guarantee as a student. How amazing!

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9. Providence Driving School

Providence Driving School is located at 834 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ. And they provide behind-the-wheel driving lessons for:

  • Trucks
  • Cars
  • Buses
  • Motorcycles

In addition, they assist you with your road and written tests. If you’d need a certificate of discount for insurance, you can also get it at Providence Driving School upon request.

However, this is restricted to students who have taken six or more hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Other perks you will enjoy in this school are their free door-to-door services, top-notch services, and low prices.

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10. Superior Driving School

This driving academy has all the State certifications and has trained several New Jersey drivers.

Moreso, the school’s director, has twenty-five years of experience in CDL driving (ten years instructing and fifteen years on the road).

Therefore, we consider it one of the best driving schools in NJ in 2023. Additionally, their instructors have an average of 13+ years of CDL experience on the job.

Besides this, the school has the following qualifications:

  • It is certified and state-licensed by the NJMVC.
  • The school is a member of the NFIB.
  • It’s a member of the NJBIA.

So, these certifications show that they’re one of the leading institutions for truck driver training in NJ.

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11. Authority Driving School

From CDL class A, B, C, and Bus, Authority Driving School has everything required to meet your CDL needs.

They provide an inspirational and supportive environment to enable you to grow and learn. Moreso, they’re passionate about developing creative and confident truck drivers.

So, if you want to walk out with the confidence and character to drive, Authority Driving School is the right fit for you.

And when you finish your training, you will serve in the school’s alum association or their talented and committed faculty & staff.

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12. 160 Driving Academy

Getting your CDL at 160 Driving Academy will help you hit the road for a job with an average salary of $50,340.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry about your finances because the institution assists several students to cover their costs.

They do this through government-sponsored training help or full tuition reimbursement from their trucking company partners.

Other reasons to earn your CDL with 160 Driving Academy are:

  • You will be in demand after completing your course.
  • 160 Driving Academy has committed instructors
  • They offer many tuition options

Besides New Jersey, 160 Driving Academy has offices in other US states, making it among the top CDL driving schools in New Jersey.

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13. Joseph’s Truck Driving School

Joseph’s Truck Driving School prides itself on providing its students with an affordable, educational, and professional experience.

With their wealth of experience of 30 years, you’re assured of the best CDL driving experience.

When you sign up for their CDL program, you will learn the correct procedures for inspecting trucks and how to operate them. This will lead to success in your road test.

Meanwhile, we like that Joseph’s Truck Driving School provides job placement for students. Thus, you don’t need to struggle for a job after graduation.

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14. Mike’s Driving School, Inc

Mike’s Driving School is among the best NJ CDL driving schools in 2023. This driving academy has been putting safe drivers on the road since 1993.

Further, they feature driver education and CDL classes. Their well-versed, kind, and professional instructors make learning to drive more effortless.

Also, they offer one-on-one instruction to help you understand better and learn faster. And their vehicles have dual controls for behind-the-wheel instructions.

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15. North Ave. Driving School

Finally, we have North Ave on our list of the best New Jersey CDL driving schools in 2023. Driving School.

Its 4.7-star Google rating has earned it a reputation as one of the leading driving institutions in NJ. Since 1995, this driving academy has offered its learners top-notch training.

North Ave also features training for auto and motorcycle testing. In addition to their driving school license, they’re certified to administer vision and written tests to students aged 16.

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How To Register For CDL Driving Schools in NJ | 2023

Signing up for a CDL program in NJ driving schools is pretty simple.

  • Learn about the CDL driving schools in NJ and the licenses they offer.
  • After picking your preferred school, check if you meet their requirements.
  • If you meet the school’s requirements, choose from Class A, B, or C licenses, then enroll. Tip:You could visit the school to tour or learn about them.
  • Pay your tuition and begin your lessons.

Do CDL Driving Schools in New Jersey Teach Well?

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission licenses all driving schools in NJ, including CDL driving schools.

This means that they meet all the requirements for NJMVC. Thus, they teach well.


Now that you know the best CDL driving schools in New Jersey, you can sign up for your preferred school.

Moreover, the institutions we provided in this article are licensed and certified by the NJMVC. So, they have all it takes to equip you with CDL driving education.


How much does CDL school cost in NJ?

CDL training courses in NJ cost around $11,400 on average.

How long is CDL training in NJ?

Depending on the qualification you’re going after, it could take you from 30 hours – 6 months to complete the training.

What disqualifies you from getting a CDL in NJ?

As state law prescribes, operating a CMV under the influence of alcohol can disqualify you from getting a CDL in New Jersey.

What is the highest CDL license?

Class C CDL is the highest CDL license. It covers both Class A and B licenses. Thus, the holder can drive any vehicle with a GVWR of fewer than 26,000 pounds, provided that the towed vehicle has a GVWR of fewer than 10,000 pounds.

How much do CDL drivers make in NJ?

According tosalary.com, a Commercial Truck Driver in NJ earns an average salary of $62,490 as of October 27. However, the ranges are between $55,190 and $71,690.



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