Black Girls Prom Outfits - 20 Ideas What To Wear For Prom (2023)

Best Black Girls Prom Outfits. There’s such a huge range and variety of prom dresses available nowadays. But so many choices often make things difficult instead of making them easier as they tend to confuse you.

Black girls have the most attractive features and choosing the right outfit and makeup can help us enhance these features. So, get yourself noticed in the gleaming lights of the dance floor. Strapless, backless, high-lows and many more smashing ideas to select a memorable prom dress are here. You can choose an awesome dress and imagine yourself on the dance floor with that astonishing look.

Welcome to the Prom season! We are sure that you will be waiting impatiently for Prom night so that you can slay your best of the town Prom dress. The timeless glam of Prom night can be red and black, but there is much more to just the traditional red and black prom outfits. Want to know what else can you try other than Black and Red? Scroll down to know about some immensely creative Prom outfit ideas designed explicitly for Black girls.

Where to Shop Best Prom Dresses?

Are you excited for your Prom night? Headed out to shop your Prom dress, but nothing looked too good to buy? Team Branded Girls have brought up some Prom dress styling ideas and Prom dress shopping destinations from where you can buy your dream Prom dress online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Try Neon Colors Jumpsuit Styles: If being a Black girl makes you hesitant wearing Neon colors, then banish such myths and give yourself a break! You can go for a Jumpsuit from leading western clothing store brands to get ahead in the fashion race on Prom night. The fun blend of green, yellow, and pink sequins will glow brighter than every clothes in the place; trust us! You can shop following jumpsuits that are ideal for Prom night party:

Flared Cape Styles Dress: Add an instant yet manageable flare to your Prom dress by wearing a Cape styled outfit. It is one of the inspiring designs from Meghan Markle’s closet. You can shop Flared cape dress from:

Ruffled Romper for Prom: Ruffled Romper red dress along with long earrings will add extra sparkle to your Prom dress. Asymmetrical ruffled detailing creates a simplistic silhouette that seems so freaking chic.

  • Shop RED SATIN BARDOT FRILL DETAIL ROMPER from Pretty Little Things at $50

Geometric Pints for Prom Night: Don’t hesitate to wear Geometric prints and designs on Prom night. Nothing looks more decent than wearing the symmetrically designed outfit. You can buy a geometrically designed Prom dress online:

Blazer Dress for Prom Night: Add little more excitement to your Prom night by wearing a blazer outfit instead of traditional flowing gowns.

20 – White Beaded Sheer Prom Dress

Rock a long-drawn white prom dress or short semi-formal white party dress taken from any brand’s collection of white and ivory designer prom outfits. The brilliance of a white dress assures that you will direct the right attention at prom or any particular event. The luminescent white dresses allow an array of styles, designs, lengths, and features, guaranteeing that you will find a white dress in a style that’s just right for any event. The color white has been linked with numerous things throughout history, the most traditional are purity, new beginnings, and peace. So whether you’re covering a new opening in a fragile lace white graduation dress or want to radiate a peaceful vibe at your family fiesta in a short white party dress, shop this collection of formal white prom dresses and semi-formal white ball dresses. From stylish long two-piece white prom dresses to a brief, casual white shift dresses for graduation, many online clothing stores have a look for your eyes.

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19 – Strapless Floral Exclusive Outfit

You can rock this minimal magical spell at prom and beyond. This amazing blend of icy blue hues will give you the ideal sprinkle of color on prom night. Show off those heels in a shinning cropped item of shoes. And don’t forget to check out our amazing collection of Simple party makeup tips for black women to look gorgeous.

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18 – Pink Floor Length Gown with Slit

Pleated bodice with one-sided beautiful embroidery, making this gown very modish and stylish. The slit is complementing the dress. To complete the look, wear simple and nice jewelry. Thigh-high slits can make any outfit look hot. To make the slit work for you, there are certain tips to follow. First of all, make sure you choose light and flowy fabric. Secondly, choose nice shoes since all eyes are going to be on your legs. A pink dress is an excellent choice for any social or semi-formal event. Seize some attention in a two-piece fuchsia dress or a magenta ball dress with flowery designs. Captivate a room when you enter in a pretty light pink short dress with beading or a charming long open-back dress in blush pink. No matter the occasion, a pretty pink dress is invariably a great choice for a feminine look.

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17 – Pink Embroidery on Nude Tulle Dress

This prom dress is, no doubt, an elegant and trendy outfit to attain attention at the party. The dress is made up of fine tulle, and pink embroidery on this nude base is making an eye-catching combination to wear.

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16 – Chic Black and White A-Line Mermaid Dress

Printed black and white mermaid dress having a tulle black skirt are giving a gorgeous look here. The Adorable floral belt is adding grace to the dress, and Opera gloves are making this outfit utter as well as formal. Who says only Reds can be Prom color codes? One can rock Black and White monochromes at Prom night.

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15 – Red Prom Couples Outfit

Get your classic red party dress or red prom gown in any brand’s alluring collection of dresses in bright and vibrant hues of red. In this variety of red formal gowns and burgundy red dresses, you will find a modern evening gown or the red semi-formal party dress to grab your entire look. From enthralling long red prom dresses with high slits and deep v-necklines to sexy short red prom dresses with beadings, there is something for everyone. A stunning alternative to the traditional little black dress, a little red dress will give you just the best mix of timeless style and bold energy. Complement your appearance and personality with just the right tint of red from this selection of designer dresses that embraces fun coral red party dresses, enticing long scarlet red dresses, and fine wine red cocktail dresses. Whatever look you are going for, shop the selection of designer red dresses to purchase a red dress with just the awesome style and shade to make a convincing impact at your next prom night.

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14 – Outclass Black and Silver Ombre Sequin Dress

This hot sizzling black and silver shiny dress will make you the star of the dance floor. You don’t need to wear any heavy jewelry with this super stylish gown; wear some nice and light accessories. Donning a short silver prom dress or silver sequin dress to Prom night is an excellent way to assure you twinkle like a star on your big night. Traditionally emblematic of wealth, this distinct color of riches is a cool, fun, and exciting way to highlight your own style at Prom night. From floor-length elegant silver night dresses to short shiny silver sequin party dresses, there is a diversity of styles to choose from. Whether you favor the poise of a long open-back silver prom dress or the glitz and glam of a silver Prom dress decorated with bright gems and sequins, winning your extravagant look for your dream Prom night.

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13 – Hot Favorite Rihanna in Red Hot Dress

Fashion icon Rihanna has selected this glorious red outfit to wear in Grammy’s red carpet. She is looking superb, as usual. If you are into shaved hairstyles, then you’ll surely love to try on prom one of these 30 best braids with shaved hairstyles for women to copy now.

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12 – Black Shimmering Short Dress

Prominent white beading on sleeves and neckline is really a beautiful idea to enhance the look of this cute dress. Simple round earrings and smokey makeup are giving a sheer look. This outfit is perfect for prom because it not only make you look flawless, but this dress will also put you in the spotlight because of its elegance and sparkliness.

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11 – Beading Blouse with Long Mermaid Style Skirt

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10 – Plus Size Woman in Golden Long Frock

Golden sequin bodice with a pleated silky flare skirt is a marvelous dress to wear on your big night. Plus size women can also go with this outfit. The side bun also makes for a lovely prom hairstyle. check out more hairstyle ideas in our earlier post on Most Trending Hairstyles This year.

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9 – One Shouldered Tie and Dye Floor Length Dress

Shades of sky blue blended with white color to make a light mood dress. Pleated bodice and the fancy belt are adding the modish look to this dress.

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8 – Vibrant Blue Strapless Mermaid Prom Outfit

This A-line glittering dress is truly a stunning choice to rock the party floor.

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7 – Superb High-Low White and Golden Diva

This outfit is designed by famous Sherri Hill. Just wear it and conquer the prom night.

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6 – Darling Look in White Ball Gown with Black Sash

This outfit will look perfect with anklets. For more info on anklets read this article about ankle chains styling ideas.

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5 – Incredible Red Organza Gown in Crushed Style

Red, the colour of love and romance is a great choice for prom.

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4 – Floral Lavender Beauty in High-low Dress

The lavender color is one of the most trending colors of the year. As much as the smell of lavender is amazing, the color is equally mesmerizing, or perhaps a tiny bit more. This kind of dress can be up to your knees or your heels according to your personal preference. This dress is not only perfect for prom, but this dress will never let you down when going to your friend’s bridal shower or your friend’s wedding ceremony.

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3 – Extravagant Green and Black Sequin Dress

This sequence dress is the next thing that you should buy if you want to look unique and flawless at your upcoming prom, and you will definitely become the prom queen with this dress. This kind of dress looks best in every color, from purple to green to black, no matter what your taste is, you will never want to take it off ever again. This dress usually comes in a verity of different colors andlooks great when two or more different colors are blended together. Like in this dress, we see a merger of light green, dark green, and black. The black earrings chosen for this look were also a great choice.

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2 – Charming Ruffled Yellow Ball Gown

Do you want to look all princessy this prom? If yes, then this outfit is the one for you. All you have to do it to go for a yellow flowy dress, preferably the one that is made out of organza material. The best thing about this material is that it is extremely puffy, and that is what makes it beautiful and all princessy. For the best color combo, you can go for a yellow-colored gown or any other gown that is in the light shade because light shades are the best when it comes to prom.

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1 – Gown for Short Height Girls

A mermaid gown that is ruffled at the bottom can create an illusion of longer legs. So if you have a short height, then this is the design that you should choose for prom. Apart from being advantageous for your height, it is also a unique design that will help you stand out at the prom.

Black Girls Prom Outfits - 20 Ideas What To Wear For Prom (20)

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