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Rhode is a village in County Offaly, Ireland. It is situated on the R400 at its junction with the R441 which leads to Edenderry, the nearest town, located 12 km east of Rhode. Rhode reference

Learning to Drive in Rhode: A Unique Driver Training Approach

When we were in school we all had our favorite teachers, those that engaged us and made learning fun. And on the opposite end of the spectrum we had teachers that had no place in the classroom. We don't assume teachers are created equal and that is certainly no less real with approved driving instructors. It's not as simple as Googling 'Driving Lessons Rhode' and picking the first driving school you stumble upon. Who will you trust to give you that exciting and engaging experience?

You need a driving instructor with a reputation built on working experience and driving test passes. A driving school that gets people over the line consistently.

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john weng

john weng - I did it!

I passed my test with 5 marks only. My instructor Michael was the best. Sooo happy. RSA School of Motoring are just way ahead... GO WITH THEM.

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Why We Brand Ourselves The Leading Driving School in Rhode

RSA School of Motoring have the precise reputation for student success we have been talking about and we have the confirmed reviews to show it. So if you need driving lessons you would be getting a jump choosing us. Let us show you why.

Our instructors have been trained to quickly identify what standard your driving is at, where your bad habits are and what corrective actions should be delivered to ensure you make the most improvement possible from every driving lesson with us.

Another thing we notice frequently is students returning for a subsequent driving lesson having lost the majority of what was included in the previous driving lesson. To help with this we've produced our own exclusive training guides and tutorials to give you support during your driver training.

You will improve your comprehension of driving up to Three times quicker with the help of our home study program. You’ll uncover everything from guidelines to better handle your maneuvers to comprehensive material to guide you through all of your EDT syllabus. No other Rhode driving school delivers such a complete service as this.

Driving Test Brain Teaser

Questions From The Driving Test

What is the rule about passing animals on the road?

Slow down, give plenty of room, do not sound your horn or rev your engine. Have patience.

Fear of driving is very common and we understand it is very important to provide the right learning environment for our students in Leinster. That's the reason we have a zero shouting policy. It's our responsibility to ensure that you are comfortable behind the wheel. To that end we do not stop training our instructors to ensure that they're on top of their game. Being a student you are only as good as the training you receive and that training has to be catered to your own personal needs. And this is exactly where the expertise of our driving instructors is centred. You, your needs and affordable quality driving lessons in Rhode.

100% Genuine Testimonials From Our Google Page

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Keith Keogh

Keith Keogh - I did it!

I contacted RSA School of Motoring a week prior to my driving test and had 2 lessons and also a pre-test on the day of my driving test. The advice I was given and things I learned from RSA is fantastic, I was put right at ease and given great confidence for the test and needless to say I passed!!!! I would highly recommend RSA School of Motoring to anybody applying for their driving test.

Allow us to tell you more about our services

Most probably you belong to one of two categories. You need to accomplish or begin your 12 EDT driving lessons. Or you need to focus on your driving test preparation.

The EDT: What exactly is it?

Driving Lessons Rhode > RSA School of Motoring Rhode (5)EDT Driving Lessons Rhode

Inescapable fact! Ireland is on the list of countries with the worst road death stats in Europe. The Essential Driver Training Syllabus was introduced by the Road Safety Authority to aid combat the matter.

The EDT contains 12 compulsory lessons that have to be provided by a RSA approved driving instructor to all new drivers.

In an effort to decrease crashes and fill the clear driving skills gap that many new road users were lacking, the EDT was developed.

That's the 'whats' and 'whys' of the EDT.

Ready to book your EDT Driving Lessons in Offaly? Then call 01 902 3100

Driving Test Brain Teaser

Questions From The Driving Test

What should you not do after overtaking?

Cut in, slow down or stop.

The Test: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Driving Lessons Rhode > RSA School of Motoring Rhode (6)Pretest Driving Lessons Rhode

There is mastering the crucial driving skills and growing your understanding of road signs and road safety. Then you will need to reign over the circumstances of the test and understand what to expect. Being permitted to drive solo on Rhode roads is a privilege you must prove you can have and the test is your chance to do it. Like any test you've ever had to sit, 80% of the work necessary to pass is achieved well before the day of the test with right training.

If your test is arranged there is a lot of unknowns and fears to deal with. They often get the best of even the most seasoned driver. So it isn't surprising that we have to shine a light in the dark, remove the unknowns and the worry. And that's precisely what our pretest packages will do.

Our pretest driving lesson packages have been enhanced over several decades to give you a in depth comprehension of what will occur on driving test day leaving you without any uncertainty or fear.

We don’t like leaving things to chance. We simulate for you all Four phases of the test, show you all the driving test routes and zero in on the elements of your driving that are most likely to get you the most marks or fail you.

Using this process we get our students over the line in half the time it takes other driving schools. Passing first time means you save money.

Find our more about our pretest lessons in Rhode here... or Call 01 902 3100 now to book your pretest package.

Offaly Test Centres

Tullamore Test Centre

  • Government Offices - Clonminch, Portlaoise Road, Tullamore
  • 1890406040
  • 9 weeks

Tullamore Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 52.92%

Got a driving test at Tullamore Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Tullamore Now

Birr Test Centre

  • Old midland Tribune Office, Emmet street, Birr
  • 1890406040
  • 11 weeks

Birr Test Centre Average Pass Rate: 65.70%

Got a driving test at Birr Test Centre coming up? Beat the average pass rate. Book your Pretest Driving Lessons in Birr Now

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JC Clarke

JC Clarke - The Best Driving School in Leinster

Very happy with my time with the RSA School of Motoring. They paired me the right instructor and passed on my 2nd attempt. Was very nervous for the first few lessons but instructor was very helpful, relaxed and calm which helped me a great deal. Couldn't speak more highly of him.

Can I buy a Driving School Gift Voucher?

No matter your age learning to drive is possibly the most life transforming process you'll ever experience. It can enhance your social life as well as open doors for employment. This tends to make a driving school gift voucher an incredible gift. Give that special someone the gift of driving and change their life forever.

Learning to drive in an automatic in Rhode

We wouldn't be called Rhode’s most successful driving school if we didn’t. We can provide all our students driving lessons in automatic or manual dual-controlled driving school cars anywhere in Rhode. Call us to find out more.

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john weng

john weng - I did it!

I passed my test with 5 marks only. My instructor Michael was the best. Sooo happy. RSA School of Motoring are just way ahead... GO WITH THEM.

Can I learn to drive with a female driving instructor?

You got it right! We have female driving instructors all over Rhode. Don’t trust the misconception about female drivers. Book your driving lessons with one of our lady instructors and discover why they are some of the best instructors in Offaly.

Pick-up & Drop off in Rhode?

In fast paced times such as these everybody wants simplicity and freedom and this is definitely no less accurate with sitting driving lessons. And for that reason we can start and finish your driving lessons from anywhere you want be it your Rhode home or workplace.

Are you are driving test know it all?

Pop Quiz

Give some examples where you should be more aware of pedestrians?

Corners; traffic lights; junctions; bus stops; when overtaking parked cars or trucks; around ice-cream vans; near schools.

Become a better driver...quicker

Your Rhode driving lesson can start and finish in what seems like only minutes. Remembering all this new information in a driving lesson environment can be tough. But we have an ace up our sleave. To help you grow faster and to enable you remember all the driving techniques and principles our instructors teach, we have produced our own independent home study email course delivered directly to your inbox to guide you throughout your Essential Driver Training all the way to the driving test. If you're looking for great value... you just found it.

Rhode Car Hire Packages

When the time comes to sit your driving test, to allow yourself the highest opportunity you have to not only find a car to use, but obtain a car that is straightforward to drive. And there isn't any better way to do that then hire one of our dual-controlled cars. When a driving tester sees that you have hired a dual-controlled car for your driving test, it demonstrates to them as to how invested you are to the driving test process. Give yourself an advantage and select one of our pretest and car hire bundles... you won't regret it.

Got anymore queries for us? Give one of our team a call now to discuss your driving lessons. You'll be very glad you did.

Get through the driving test on your first attempt with RSA School of Motoring Offaly... Call 01 902 3100


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